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Custom Split Level House Designs for Sloping Blocks

Our custom split level designs offer
elegant solutions to building on a sloping block

Not every block is suited to a straight volume builder design. Blocks with character are our speciality. Our custom design team love a challenge and spend every day developing new and innovative designs to fit otherwise tricky blocks.

By working with the unique slope and designing a home that works with the slope, you can reduce the high levels of excavation and retaining walls required to build your dream home.

We are very different from other Builders

Before you start, it is a good idea to have already conducted some preliminary home construction cost research, so that you have a realistic budget in mind for the full project.

Your Guide to Building on a Sloping Block

You need to be aware that building on a Sloping Block comes with a higher price tag due to numerous extra costs. These may include; excavation, retaining walls, scaffolding hire, additional engineering input, drainage, underfloor insulation and in general increased labour costs. A Volume Builder is generally unable to unwilling to work on a Sloping Block.

Choosing the right Builder for your Sloping Block is more than just choosing a design, you like. Many Builders won’t allow modifications to their standard plans. Holbrook Homes will work with you to make modifications to suit your block and your family.

Holbrook Homes are very different form other Builders, we never build the same house twice. It’s not that we can’t, but we have found that no two clients have the same design requirements.

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