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Your Guide to Building on a Sloping Block

A Sloping Block can be a positive asset. It might give you a view, have a great aspect or be the cheapest block left (oops!). Some Estates only have Sloping Blocks. It doesn’t matter why the land you have chosen to build on has a slope on it, it matters how you capitalise on it to make the best home for you.

Some of the Volume Builders will have a simple solution for you: Level the house site and build Retaining Walls – Not a solution that makes your slope look like an advantage.

Holbrook will help you design a beautiful split level home that will suit your needs and lifestyle as your family grows. A split level home can turn your block and home into a unique place of beauty.

Building a split level home with Holbrook has endless possibilities for creativity and design. A Sloping Block is more difficult to build on and requires a Professional Builder with experience and expertise with this type of build.

One thing is for sure, if you use Holbrook to design your home, you will finish up with a purpose built home that is planned for your family’s lifestyle, that maximises your land use and minimises your final costs.

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