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Your Guide to Knockdown Rebuild

What is your situation? Do you have a shabby house in a great area? Are you close to schools or work? Are you looking to downsize but don’t want to leave your neighbours that have been friends for years? If the location is just right for you and your needs, yet upsizing or downsizing in the area is just too costly – a Knockdown Rebuild may be your answer. 

Holbrook Homes are very different from other Builders, we believe that our standard house plans are only the starting point for your new home. We never build the same house design twice. It’s not that we can’t, but we have found that no two Clients have the same design requirements. 

Why settle for a mass produced house, when for the same price you can have a home that’s custom designed around you and your family.

Renovating can be expensive, selling and buying can be a harrowing experience and you may have to move further than you would like. With the current shortage of land in the capital cities, more people are opting to stay where they are and knockdown their tired old house and rebuild a beautiful new Braewood Home.

If you have considered extending, buying in the same area or moving elsewhere and just don’t feel happy with these choices, you should consider a Knockdown Rebuild.

A brand new Home on your present block of land could solve all your lifestyle needs and wants including the all important location issue.

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