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Why use a Custom Builder?
  • Your home can be built exactly how you want it
  • You will be more involved in the process and have the opportunity to make many decisions with guidance from our experienced team
  • Your selections of inclusions are endless
  • Custom Design – One of a kind
Do you build on a Sloping Block?

We certainly do – the most important factor in building on a sloping block is your choice of a builder.

This will generally be a custom builder who has experience building on sloping blocks.

Holbrook Homes will work with you to maximise the attributes of your block and minimise the shortcomings.

For more info, Download Your Guide to Building on a Sloping Block.

What are Developers Design Guidelines?

If you purchase land in a new estate you will most likely have design guidelines.

Design guidelines are sets of recommendations towards good practice in design.

These guidelines are to ensure that the vision is achieved and that your investment is protected.

These guidelines will offer you security in the knowledge that all homes will be of the same high quality, and that all homes will work together to create an aesthetically-pleasing residential neighbourhood.

Why do you need to know what budget I’m working with?

Starting to design a custom home without a budget in mind is a bit like taking off on a aeroplane not knowing where you’re going.

  • You can spend way more than you intend
  • You end up with a compromised finish product because you have gone over your budget
Do you do Knockdown Rebuild?
  • Definitely- Love where you live BUT your house is old and needing a major upgrade and doesn’t suit your lifestyle anymore. Consider doing Knockdown rebuild.
  • One of the main drawcards of opting to knockdown your existing home and rebuild is that it can be more cost effective than renovating.
  • Choosing the right builder for your knockdown rebuild project is more than just choosing a design you like. Many Builders want allow modifications to their standard plans Braewood Homes will make modifications to suit your block and your family.

For more info, Download Your Guide to Knockdown Rebuild

Will I be able to meet with the Designer to discuss my specific needs during the Design stage?

Holbrook Homes meet with the owner and the designer till you are satisfied with the design at which stage planning drawings are produced.

Will I have an interior design service available to assist with selections?

You will have a complimentary Interior designer service available to make sure that choosing all you colour’s and finishes is an enjoyable process.

Once I enter into the Building Contract, will there be any changes to the price?

We use an HIA Fixed price building contract with guarantees that the price won’t change subject to any adjustments to provisional sum or prime cost items or any variations you wish to make during the construction period.

How long does it take?

A realistic building timeline!!!

In all reality, building a new home entails much more than just the actual construction phase of the process. You’ve got a drawing phase where you’re actually designing a custom home that suits your family’s specific needs, which can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

Then you need to allow approx. 6 weeks for administration. So therefore, you really need to allow 3-4 months before we actually break ground.

For something that is not over the top or overly complicated you would need to allow 6-8 months remembering this may vary from house to house depending on the complexity of the design, unpredictable and undesirable weather.

What is the Holbrook method?

The Client is offered one of the Holbrook standard plans, this is simply to establish house size and budget requirements.
Then using the standard plan as the starting point, the Holbrook Designer, together with the Client, totally redesign the home to suit the Client’s requirements.
Eg. Relocate the Master Bedroom and Ensuite to the rear of the home, move and resize the Alfresco so it better suits the block and in doing this totally design the Kitchen, Family/Meals Areas so they flow into the Alfresco Area.
While this design process is being discussed with the Client and sketched out by the Holbrook Designer, the Sales Consultant is producing a Quotation based on the Client’s requirements and changes.
This means that when the Client leaves the meeting 45 minutes later, not only do they have the home designed in a way that they want, they also have a detailed and comprehensive Quotation for their new home.

And the big kicker is, at this point the Client has not spent one cent.

I cannot see why anyone wanting to buy a new home would not want to participate in this process.
I am certainly not saying everyone will buy from us.

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