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We understand that building your dream home is likely to be the biggest investment you will make in your life.

At Holbrook we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise on your dream home. Our surprisingly affordable custom home solutions mean you can build what you want without being boxed into volume builder’s designs. We believe that our house plans are only the starting point for your new home.

Nothing excites us more than the challenge of coming up with something truly unique for you and your family. We have never built the same house twice. Its not that we can’t, we have just never come across two clients with the same design requirements. We will design a custom home tailored for you. 

So please look through our standard designs, but always keep in mind this is only the starting point.

From these plans we will redesign the home to best suit you, your land and your family.

During your Holbrook Design planning meeting we will go through a series of key discussion points for example size of bedrooms, location of bedrooms where you may want your theatre room and general layout of your new home.

At the end of your Design meeting you will have a firm quote for your newly designed house plan and this isn’t a ball park figure scribbled on a glossy brochure, but a 14 page detailed Quotation to take home and go over at your leisure. 

It is with this quotation and house design you can make an informed decision about building your new home.


If you have any additional questions you can contact us on 1300 668 601

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