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You Picked a Sloping Block

You Picked A Sloping Block

You Picked a Sloping Block

A Sloping Block can be a huge advantage if you want a unique and interesting home. Your home will not look like any others on your street or in your area if you get Holbrook Homes to design and build it. So, the land you have chosen, in the area you want to live, is a Sloping Block. That isn’t a problem at Holbrook Homes – we love a challenge. We can design your home with you to ensure that you get a home that not only is perfect for you but also uses the slope of your land as an asset rather than a problem.

Most homes today are designed with their living areas facing in a northerly direction to achieve maximum energy efficiency and improved liveability. A Sloping Block doesn’t mean that this is impossible, just that your design team at Holbrook Homes can rise to the challenge to find the best way to achieve this. Our design team will work with you to plan your home, including the elements you desire and the slope of the land – these will be combined to build you your dream home.

Building on a Sloping Block can deliver some challenges: driveway access, the gradients of your block, height restrictions, overlooking neighbouring properties, drainage issues, soil retention, engineering requirements and Council compliance. All important issues that need to be dealt with and solved in a responsible way. Holbrook Homes has experience planning and building homes on sloping blocks and can certainly address each of these challenges and turn some of them to advantages rather than issues.

Some of the ways the design team may consider, to make the most of your Sloping Block, may be a split level home, a double story home, a triple story home or maybe a home with a basement. Your home will be designed to reduce land cuts, the use of fill and retaining walls. The best designs balance your home design needs and make only minimal changes to the slope of the block to produce the ultimate home for you.

With Holbrook Homes, your new home on your Sloping Block may be the best house in the street, it will certainly be just what you want and need because you will have been one of the co designers. A Sloping Block may have some extra building costs to a flat block, but these can all be outlined at the start, during your planning session. Like all of Holbrook’s happy clients, you will walk away from your Holbrook Design meeting with a house plan that makes the most of your chosen block of land and a quote to build your home. What are you waiting for….

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