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Thinking Outside The Volume Builders Box

Thinking Outside The Volume Builders Box

Believe the big boys on the building block and you will have your dream home in record time with zero fuss and be on your way to living happily ever after. This is the message Volume Builders sell to people every day so they sign on the dotted line for their new home. Catchy ads that tell us it’s fast and cheap with Volume Builders. We hear it on the radio, we see it in our newspapers and we gush over it in shiny display suites.

What the skilled and clever salespeople of any Volume Builders will try and convince you is that you can save thousands and still achieve your dreams by choosing to build with them. The real question smart customers will ask is, “is this actually true”?

Lets look at some facts so you make the right choice in building your dream home.


Volume Builders build the same house over and over in estate after estate using identical plans and discounted product. Though buying materials in bulk, the big named Volume Builders pass some of the savings to customers through what looks like a cheaper deal and a streamlined process.

To keep their costs low, Volume Builders offer a limited range of pre-designed plans for standard sized and shaped blocks. By churning out just a few designs for a large amount of buyers, these builders offer a production line of housing.

Yes you can alter colours or external finish but at the end of the day you will be buying the exact same home that thousands of other people own because they weren’t given the opportunity to build the house they needed.


Surely a few changes to an existing plan will be no problem for a Volume Builder? That is not how a Volume Builder operates. A professional Custom Builder with warn you that Volume Builders’ plans are very difficult to alter. When you engage a Volume Builder to provide your new home you are engaging with a salesperson – skilled in making deals yet most are not trained draftsmen, builders or home designers. 

If you really want to achieve your dream of a new home that is unique to your needs, you will need a Custom Builder. Skilled and clever Custom Builders like Holbrook Homes will tailor your plan to your lifestyle and you will enjoy your living space for many years to come.

Volume Builders simply do not cater for irregular blocks, sloping blocks or land that is challenging to build on – the homes you see in their display villages are drafted for rectangular blocks and that is where customers are limited by their experience with the big names. 

It is no secret that salespeople succeed through commission and Volume Builder salespeople are renowned for refusing house plan changes in order to protect their personal bonuses. 

Holbrook Homes has happily surprised regular Australians who were disappointed by the service of the Volume Builders; salespeople who just won’t agree to build the home they want or are unable to work on the dream block a client already owns. It doesn’t have to be that hard. Professional Custom Builders will work with any block of any shape and design a plan that is livable, beautiful and within the budget you agree on.

If you really want to build the home that is in your heart it will take a skilled builder who is willing and able to work with the block you choose. Quality Custom Builders such as Holbrook Homes will not limit the changes you make along the way. 

Professional Custom Builders simply shake their clever heads when they hear that the Volume Builders charge exorbitant fees to make any changes to their pre-designed house plans. That is of course if the client is lucky enough for them to agree to modifications at all.

This does not need to be your experience if you choose a Custom Builder who will work with you from the start. We will show you we can work with any block and any design and you will be our number one priority along the way.


Many people believe that they just can’t afford a custom builder. Everyone knows someone with a brother or colleague or football coach who was devastated by a budget blow out by designing their own home. We’ve all heard the stories, yet I would bet my last brick that these were experiences with homes designed through an architect. There is no denying the amazing skill of a talented architect is a gift to the world and the backbone of reality TV shows like Grand Design. There is certainly a marketplace for architect design for those who can afford it. 

But custom builders offer affordable solutions that don’t skip on the detail that will make your home a dream space, all within your budget.


If you are just about ready to give up on your idea of building the home you want, think again. Maybe a call to a Professional Custom Builder will see your dream come alive and you will find out how easy it will be to design your home the way you like it.

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