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Is there ever too much?

What a question! The answer has to be ‘no’. You can never have too much storage, we all have a lot of ‘stuff’ in this material age. I’m not thinking about hoarders but just normal families like yours and mine. 

When we think about storage our thoughts go to garages and sheds – but that is not the storage I’m talking about, I want to discuss the storage inside your new home. Every home has basic storage: laundry cupboards, wardrobes and kitchen cupboards. At Holbrook Homes, we can design your home to maximize interior storage and make your home more functional.

Let’s look at each area separately, the laundry traditionally has a broom cupboard and usually another to put your cleaning products. This is under utilizing the space, modern laundries tend to have more bench space for folding clothes and therefore more room for under shelf cupboards, or perhaps baskets for dirty laundry. Overhead cupboards also work well in a laundry and of course you could have some shelving on the wall for decorator items.

Most kitchens are designed for maximum storage and functionality. Drawers instead of cupboards are much easier to access and use for just about everything. Pull out / integrated rubbish and recycle bins are very common now, and really functional as long as you go for the larger size. Pantries are also great for storage for both food and kitchen appliances as well as an extra food and drink preparation area – include overhead cupboards in here too. My last suggestion for your kitchen is to do with your island bench, make sure that cupboards are installed on both sides (even if the ones outside the kitchen are narrower).

Now for the bedrooms, most bedrooms have a double wardrobe on one wall, look at your design, if there is room convert it into a triple wardrobe, you could add in built in shelving or get designer wardrobe inserts with ‘all the bells and whistles’ after you move in.

Lastly, your living area, hallways and passage ways may have storage potential. One classic storage area is under the stairs, another could be a wall area in your living area (again, you could add cube shelving or bookcases after you move in). Bathrooms should have enough storage for everyone to keep their toiletries and electrical hairdryers, curlers, shavers etc, but they also need space for bath towels and toilet paper. Linen cupboards have traditionally been in the hallway areas outside bedrooms, but the current trend is to keep the linen for each room in individual wardrobes, so that opens up another area for use.

At Holbrook Homes our designers love a puzzle, set them the storage challenge and see what they can come up with to suit your individual needs. Every home is different, but by maximising all the spaces you will build a home that suits you and your family perfectly.

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