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Planning Around Your Existing Features

Planning Around Your Existing Features

Knockdown Rebuilds are happening all over the city and suburbs. Some are to build family homes and other Knockdown Rebuilds are to place two dwellings on the block. All around the suburbs you can see fenced blocks that are completely cleared in readiness for a Rebuild. But what happens if there is something on your block that you really want to keep. This is where a Custom Builder can be your best friend. They can design your home around that feature, making sure that the home and feature complement each other.

Let’s look at a couple of recent clients and their challenges. Client One had a beautiful swimming pool, a garden full of palms and tropical plants surrounded by a new glass pool fence that they wanted to keep. They had talked to Volume Builders, and it was definitely going be a big, expensive task to accommodate the changes to keep the pool. There was really, only one house plan that fitted on the block allowing for the pool and it was smaller than they wanted. When they took their pool issue to a Custom Builder, suddenly their problem was no longer an issue. The Custom Builder and the clients designed the house with their lifestyle requirements, the pool saved, and within the budget. Custom Builders work their design around your requirements. The house is complete and the living areas, all look out on a tropical oasis and swimming pool.

Another client had a large Gum tree on the property and the council had said it was not to be removed. The clients had looked at Volume Builders but knew that changes to house plans would blow the budget. They were aware that only the smaller house plans would fit on the block and not be encroaching on the protected area below the tree’s canopy, or too close to potential falling branches in the future. When they approached a Custom Builder on the advice of friends, they had a surprise, their troublesome tree was no longer a problem. The Custom Builder together with the client designed a two story home that had all the rooms and features required. The builder fenced off the tree area prior to the knockdown and there it stayed until they moved in a few months ago. The tree provides a lovely shaded area in one of their outdoor living spaces. It also gives the illusion of being in a tree house from the children’s playroom. A great solution to a tricky problem.

If you have an existing pool, shed, tree or another feature on your existing home block, help in designing a home that works for you and your family is available from a Custom Builder. At Holbrook Homes, we can design the home you want, keeping in mind your budget and any existing structures you may already have on your land. You will leave the Holbrook Homes Custom Design Meeting with a copy of your house plans and a quote in your hand.

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