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Multigenerational Living

Multigenerational Living

With housing costs on the rise across major cites many families are getting creative in how they build their new homes. Multigenerational homes are a growing trend in custom building and the benefits are more than just financial. 

Clever home design is offering real solutions for families who want to keep their family close – but not too close for comfort!

Many families are choosing to live under the one roof in a home designed for everyone’s needs. Gone are the days of Granny feeling she is under everyone’s feet and Mum and Dad wishing for some time alone. One in five Australian families are now opting for multigenerational shared living and a professional builder can make this arrangement really work for all.

Save, Save, Save

The benefits to multigenerational living are enormous when it’s done right. 

Families struggling to finance a dream home can pool resources with an ageing parent to build a home with a separate living quarter for Grandma or Great Uncle Bruce. A Professional Custom Builder can design a home with a separate space for Nan where she can enjoy privacy, live independently with her own kitchen, bathroom and entertaining area – yet still be close for family fun.

Professional Builders are hearing that many families want to reduce child-care bills and build closer family bonds between grandparents and grandchildren by planning multigenerational homes. Other families want to avoid expensive nursing homes when they know they can do a better job themselves.

Future Proof Your Dream Build

Us clever folk at Holbrook Homes really recommend you look to your future. Adding in a multigenerational plan to your dream home at design stage could save additional costs in the not so distant time to come. 

A skilled Custom Builder will design a home where everyone has space and the future of your extended family is cared for. Whether you are accommodating an active older parent or caring for an ageing loved one, features added at a design stage can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Will you need a wider bathroom for Mum to be showered in? Can she fit her walking aid through the bedroom door? Would you like shared living space with Dad or are you better off at arms length? Thinking of your future family needs can mean your dream home supports you perfectly in your years to come.

Family Dilemmas – Full House

Extended families living together can be a beautiful generational experience or a family breakdown waiting to happen. Lack of privacy or interference from other family members about disciplining children or unwanted advice is the greatest risk factor in sharing an address. 

The most popular and successful designs fit a whole family under one roof – but with maximum attention to how a home offers privacy. Open plan living and shared common spaces; with designated retreats for time out, offer the most flexible solutions for harmonious living. Being realistic about future health needs when choosing a floor plan will leave room for families to age gracefully. Pokey granny flats in the corners of yards are not necessary when a Professional Builder is on board. Save your spare space for a BBQ area or beautiful garden feature whilst Nan lives in comfort in her own part of your shared home.

The right Custom Builder will plan a space to avoid these problems but the rest is up to family dynamic! 

Holbrook Homes have created perfect living spaces for generations of families living under the one roof. To design a house that your whole family will love, have a discussion with a Professional Builder to see how easy life can be in a custom built home.

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