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How Many Data Points are Too Many?

How Many Data Points Are Too Many?

Building a home is not just for now but for many years in the future. We have just had two data points installed in our two living areas for our televisions, that could have been expensive – except for my darling son-in-law (electrician)! But it does pose the question about how many data points do you really need now… and what about in ten years time.

There is a Telco advertisement on television that shows 6 members of the family all using technology in different areas of the home. That’s okay you say, with NBN and a suitable carrier, we have got it covered with Wi-Fi. I thought that too – but it turns out if you want to watch Netflix, Stan, Foxtel On Demand and many more you need to connect directly to a data point.

Television is already becoming data point dependant, particularly Apple TV systems. The trend for the future seems to be for it to become even more so. I have seen 3D vision goggles that allow you to become part of a scene on the television now. You can tour Art Galleries such as ‘The Louvre’ in Paris through 3D goggles. On TV programs and in books I have seem interactive games with you (not a chosen character) in the action on the screen. It would seem if you can imagine it, some technological genius can make it happen. Wi-Fi is not effective to deliver these services.

So planning your home of the future, what will you need….. At a minimum, data points for each position a television might be installed, next you need data points for the computers that your now 1 month old will use for gaming in the future and what about your home office and homework desks – they will need one too. Homework in 2027, may require your child to take virtual trip to China to produce a film about its culture – not too far fetched!

As with all your home planning your Custom Home Builder can help you with this concept. It is wise to remember, each data point installed now will save you money in the future as needs arise. Future proofing your home is in your financial interests in terms of money saved and money made on resale.

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