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How big should a bedroom be?

How Big Should A Bedroom Be?

Tricky question! Whose bedroom are we talking, the kids or ours?

Let’s start with the adults’ bedroom. What else do you want to do in your bedroom? No – I am not talking about that.

What other things? Do you want your bedroom to be a retreat from the family – a timeout area if you like?

Do you want a television? Oh I hope not! You won’t need space for storage of your clothes – they will be in your beautifully designed built in robe or maybe even dressing room. Your ensuite will cover all your needs in the bathing area. So what is left? Ample size for your King bed and an area for one or two occasional chairs and a table – hopefully with a nice view.

Now for the kids’ bedrooms. There are two clear trains of thought about kids’ bedrooms. The first has the room as a decorator item that is only used to sleep in. I presume these kids have a separate playroom. The other is that the room is for sleeping, playing and storing some of those excessive toys. Either choice is fine, it is all about what suits your family’s needs and design. Keep in mind that cute two year olds turn into not so cute teenagers and you will need space in a bedroom for a queen size bed, clothes storage and a desk and a door on strong hinges for the tactical retreat and slam. Don’t laugh it is true! I’ve even seen two year olds slam the bedroom door when making a grand(cranky) exit.

Bedrooms, like other rooms in your Custom Built Home need to suit your family as it grows, as well as the ideal picture you have in your head. I’m a great advocate of a playroom that adjoins your living area, not their bedrooms, as most small kids are happier near their parents. Just make sure you can close a door on the mess if necessary. You could always turn it into a media room or something when those cute kids no longer need it.

A really good idea is to draw up your bedroom to scale (or ask your Custom Builder too) and place your scaled pieces of furniture on the plan. It is good to allow 1 metre between the furniture as walk room. Think about the doors and how they open too. This sounds really basic, a bit like a school project, but it really works. Don’t forget – think about the bedrooms – don’t just go along with someone else’s ideas (even the Custom Builder – they like thinking clients), make them suit your growing family.

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