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When you enter most homes, it is usually through an entry/hallway. When these are decorated with taste and flair this space introduces the visitor to your new home and can be an asset. The hallway’s task is to connect your living spaces to each other. 

There are, however, a few simple rules about hallways – don’t make your hallway too narrow or so wide that it is a waste of living space. You need to be able to walk down your hallway with an armful of shopping bags, or next to your partner and child. Holbrook Homes can recommend a sensible width for your entry/hallway, so it can be made into a feature but not consume living space needed elsewhere.

In other parts of your home, a hallway may be included to take you to the laundry or toilet or to bedroom areas. Some families like to have the children’s bedroom zone separated from the living areas and a hallway is one way to do this. Generally, clever design will eliminate unnecessary hallways or perhaps turn them into multi-use areas.

The landing area at the top of stairs can be open into a living space, that eliminates the need for a hallway by allowing open access or very short hallway areas to all the rooms. The open living area makes the most of the space (maybe a teen retreat), allowing light and ventilation, while still providing the access necessary to several rooms.

Some people choose to use their hallway into the home as a mudroom, with a unit that holds shoes, jackets and school bags in a neat and tidy manner. The piece of furniture can be a statement feature, with doors and baskets to cover any clutter.

One home I have seen, had a wall blocking the children’s bedrooms at the back of the home. The hallway it formed was wide enough that it had a built-in study centre for the children to do their homework.

Holbrook Design Consultants love a challenge, let them know what you want and they will help you design a home you can love. There are so many elements to think about in designing a home and that is when our Design Consultants are the most valuable. They understand that every part of your home is important for both functionality and aesthetics – even hallways! Share your ideas with them and together you and Holbrook Homes can design and build the dream home for your family.

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