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Entries and Hallways

Entries and Hallways

Entries and Hallways provide transition from the outside world to the inside of your home and transition from one room to another. They have a very functional purpose. As such, they can remain simple and functional or be designed to shine in their own right.

The entry to your home, provides visitors their first impression of your house and should match the rest of your home. If you have a large two storey home, your entry would probably reflect this space in size and design. All entries need a place for practical purposes, like putting your keys down, hanging a jacket, removing shoes or even placing the mail.

For this reason most entries have a table (wide or narrow to suit the space) for these purposes. The tables in many entries are beautifully decorated and often have a mirror above to reflect light. The entries shown on the Internet and in magazines are beautiful areas and do not reflect the clutter usually found in mine.

Hallways are usually planned in homes to connect areas and provide a place for doorways to lead to other areas. Many modern homes have been designed with as few hallway areas as possible with the idea of maximising living space. My daughter’s home has a large open living area including her kitchen, dining and lounge space, all her bedrooms, bathroom and toilet open directly into the living space. This has caused some problems with privacy and noise. It is difficult to put a small child to sleep when a party is happening at the dining room table right outside the bedroom. And do you really want to sit at the table and watch someone come out of the toilet? Perhaps a small hallway to separate these areas would be a better use of space.

In larger homes, hallways are often a feature within themselves. Imagine opening the front door to a generous area, and looking down along the lovely polished floor boards leading your vision towards the living area at the back of the home. Functional and beautiful.

Many homes designed today have the main bedroom at the font of the home and the other bedrooms towards the rear or upstairs, a hallway is almost a necessity in these designs.

Entries and hallways are individual choices that are guided by practicality. You need to think about how your friends homes use these areas and what you like or dislike about them.

A decision about maximising living space, privacy and noise control and the type of design that suits you all have to be considered. Your Custom Home Builder will have lots of suggestions but you need to think about it too – after all, you will be the one living in your home and it needs to suit your needs and design style.

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