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Engineered Wood Floors

Engineered Wood Floors

Your family comes first in every way and your floor plan needs to compliment your needs. A newly wed couple who are eager to build a nest, will plan a different floor space from a couple who are relaxing into a leisurely retirement. How do you spend your time at home and how do you want your house to help you? Do you dream of space to entertain in (and a hideaway for your teenager’s drum kit)? Or a home to support a quieter life?

When looking at this type of flooring, higher cost generally means higher quality and durability. A cheaper flooring may only have a thin veneer of real wood, still qualifying for the title of Engineered Wood Flooring but not producing the expected high standard product.

One article I read, suggested the only time they were of any use was in doing a quick fix to a house you are planning to resell or ‘flip’. The author commented that if it was for your own home, you should always go for the quality product.

One of the main advantages of Engineered Wood Floors is their ‘dimensional stability’. Because of the manufacturing process, these floors tend to hold their shape better than Solid Timber Floors. They are less likely to warp or gap over time. 

Engineered Wood Floors can be manufactured in a variety of widths, to suit the look you are after in your home. However, they will be made in a standard length, making them more economical to use and giving a different appearance to the more random lengths of Solid Wood Flooring.

It is very important if you are thinking of installing Engineered Wood Floors that you go for quality. You should look for a timber cored floor rather than a fibreboard core – this is a good indication of quality, and will ensure that if in the future you need to refinish your floor, that it can be sanded back and resealed. A cheaper plank with only a thin timber veneer cannot be sanded. It is also wise to look for a click installation system to make laying the floor easier as well as simplifying the process of replacing a floorboard if needed.

A quality Engineered Wood Floor is a sound choice, it comes in all the timber and colour choices of solid timber, the planks come ready to go, no sealing and sanding needed. A click system is easy to install over traditional wooden flooring or a concrete slab and you do have the capacity in the future to refinish the surface in the future if needed. This product will be more expensive per linear metre than solid wood flooring, but has the advantage of ‘dimensional stability’ and being a ready to use product. Check it out at a Home Centre near you, ask questions of flooring specialists and of your Custom Builder – only you can decide if this is the product for you.

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