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What you don’t know about buying a Custom House and Land Package

What you don’t know about buying a Custom House & Land Package

Why do you think we are so passionate about our Custom House & Land Packages? Custom Homes are more than just a home built to your specifications…

Imagine your hand picked piece of land and a beautiful home that suits your lifestyle perfectly. Custom Homes are so much more than choosing bedroom sizes and kitchen cabinet finishes.


Are you a movie buff that’s dreamt of a dedicated cinema room within your own home? A Professional Builder will use state of the art technology to create a space that is designed to suit your every wish. Professional lighting, cinema quality sound and acoustics that honour your favourite flick are only the start when you get the right builders on board. 

Whether it’s movies or a yoga studio, a fitness room with climate control and built in ventilation or a gaming room for the boys and their toys, a Custom Home is the only choice if you really want a space that reflects how you want your life to be. 

Did you know your custom built home could automatically open your front door as you approach your entrance? Maybe you want to switch on your air-conditioner to cool your house while you drive home from work… a Custom Home that embraces technology can be controlled via your mobile phone whist you are away.


When you build a Custom Home you know that your house will be an individual design like no other on the street. Every time you walk through your front door, you will be surrounded by the style you love. If you’ve always dreamt of Swedish design and timber interiors, your Professional Builder will incorporate the aesthetic that you really want. Custom Builders will work with any specifications you need to make your home your dream dwelling.


Making a decision to build a home that incorporates a green design is a surefire way to save you money the years to come. Not only will you have a warm fuzzy feeling that comes with reducing your carbon footprint, your conscious choices at design stage will mean your home is efficient, beautiful and take advantage of the latest environmental technology.

Asking your Custom Builder to work with a green design will open a world of possibilities to reduce your energy costs. You don’t have to live in a mud brick hut to make your home a green dwelling. Clever insulation, recycled building materials and renewable energy incorporated in your plans will pay karmic and financial dividends in your custom built home. 

Your Custom Builder can explain exactly how you can benefit from available technology to really plan for an efficient home. Holbrook Homes love to see buildings with renewable energy powering houses across Melbourne and are always available to talk about the possibilities to make real savings.


If you want a home that truly reflects how you want to live, a Custom Builder is the only way to achieve your dreams. Give Holbrook Homes a call and see how easy and affordable it is to get your ideal home underway.

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