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Burn Your Bills With Solar Panels

Burn Your Bills With Solar Panels

Solar Bulb

Mention “Carbon footprint” and images of solar panels, rainwater tanks and reusable Aldi shopping bags spring to mind. Environmental sustainability has become a popular, mainstream topic for average Australians and some of us have taken our green pride further and invested in some serious solar panel roof bling – all with the promise of saving the world, (and cold hard cash to boot).

Government grants for solar panel installation saw many Australians jump at the chance of selling energy back power to grids in a scheme that a lot of us spoke about but few really understood. We are all on board with the free energy saving light bulbs that were handed to us at our front doors, yet understanding solar panels can seem too hard, too boring or too expensive if we missed the peak of the Government Grant scheme.

By getting answers to the most common questions about installing solar panels, you can reassess whether it’s worth taking another look at renewable energy in your home.


Will Installing Solar Panels On Your Roof Really Change Your Life?

Installing solar panels can definitely reduce your traditional power bill and make you less vulnerable to future price rises as power bills continue to rise. 

If you need more power than your solar panels collect, you can still use the electricity from the grid – but the sunlight part is free! Unfortunately this only applies when the electricity is working. If there is a black out in your street your solar energy will automatically disconnect to protect any workers that might be repairing lines, and reconnect when traditional power goes back on.

Many people are attracted to installing solar panels by the idea of reducing their energy costs by selling excess power back to the grid. The Government Solar Bonus Scheme, allowing people a larger selling price to offload their solar energy back to the utility companies, has ended. Solar customers will still be able to sell their excess energy back to the grid but at a greatly reduced rate. 

New software is available to only sell back at high-energy demand times, ensuring the best price available. 

Whilst Government Rebates for installing solar panels have drastically reduced, the economical benefits of installing solar systems are still valid and customers are discovering the new technology in renewable energy makes switching an attractive choice.

Will Solar Panels Work If Your Roof Is Facing The Wrong Way?

The majority of roofs are suitable for solar panels and a reputable solar installation company will make a layout that will work for you. Just as a Professional Builder will work with an unusual block shape, the right solar company will find a solution to fit your individual home.

Do Solar Panels Only Work On Sunny Days?

While sunny days are the best conditions to collect solar energy, rooftop solar panels collect output even on overcast days. Solar panels generate electricity from UV light rays, not heat. Summer days are best for operating solar panels only because there are more daylight hours yet even winter days can provide optimal conditions to provide your energy needs.

What Happens At Night Time to Solar Energy?

Solar panels can only collect energy during daylight hours. The majority of solar panel users will need traditional electricity for night usage but many households are now taking advantage of cutting edge technology by installing batteries to store solar energy for use in the evening and early mornings. Home battery systems designed to store electricity generated from rooftop solar panels and are maintenance free once installed, allowing you to never waste a drop of sunlight!

When Is The Best Time To Install Solar Panels?

If you are building a new home, speak with your professional builder about installing your solar panels as part of your build. The solar energy industry is a highly skilled and technical industry that will work around any orientated roof, ensuring you can harness sunshine, savings and the warm fuzzy feeling of saving the world, one day at a time.

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