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Blocking Out the Reality of Building

Blocking Out The Reality of Building

Are home renovation shows killing your new home designing dreams or fueling your imagination for a beautifully custom designed new home? 

Australia’s love of home renovation shows has TV producers filling our screens with top rating reality shows like The Block, My House Rules and Grand Designs.

Watching everyday people design and execute a perfect kitchen in the space of a week can be addictive viewing and leave us feeling like anything is possible with motivation and great ideas. 

A Professional Builder will tell you that shows like The Block are wonderful entertainment and inspire clients to create a beautiful home, yet they also set unrealistic expectations for what is possible in the real world of building a new home.


The distorted timelines of reality TV remodelling leave audiences believing that a bathroom can be totally transformed in a few days and for budget that wouldn’t work in the real world. TV producers offer us cleverly scripted and plotted episodes that give the illusion that construction is fast and suppliers have no lead time. 

From the comfort of our couch we watch tradespeople labour for twelve and fourteen hours, with the help of the contestants reducing costs, yet outside of network television the average work day is nine hours long.

Tradespeople and suppliers offer drastically reduced rates for television exposure and suppliers are often donating or loaning product for marketing and advertising purposes. Whilst most intelligent people understand they are watching an altered reality when tuning into the dramas of The Block or My House Rules, the subtle influence on expectations of an actual build can cause disappointment when they learn that a kitchen can take weeks to craft to a standard that is quality driven. 

A Professional Builder will create a detailed construction timeline that allows for tradespeople to produce an exceptional finish that a client can enjoy for years to come.


Watching reality TV renovation contestants spending large wads of cash given to them on screen is makes us wonder what can be possible when we are savvy shoppers with good imaginations. 

Clients of Professional Builders often feel a bit cheated to learn that prices of a real world build are very different from what is portrayed on the likes of The Block. An honest and skilled Professional Builder will work within your budget to deliver a finish that you dream without breaking your bank.


Design driven reality shows can be great resources for homeowners wanting to keep their living spaces on trend and learning about new technologies, products and suppliers. Discerning viewers realize that TV producers only display the products and services of sponsors and aren’t always the best available. A Professional Builder will be able to assist you in the custom design of your new home and offer unbiased advice that is tailored to the individual, their budget and their block of land.


Deciding on investing in the kitchen of your dreams or a patio to entertain on is an exciting step in a homeowners journey. Enjoy watching episodes of reality renovation TV whilst debating the contestant’s cushion choices. Revel in the arguments between couples competing for cash and choose your favourite curtains that would look perfect in your bedroom. Above all, let your imagination run wild but always remember – it is only entertainment. 

Your Professional Builder will help keep your feet on the ground and manage your New Home construction schedule at a more steady, quality pace.

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