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We here at Holbrook Homes pride ourselves on providing fully customised homes for our clients. This includes completely redesigning our plans for the house or even painting the walls of every room a different colour, if the clients want it.

But one thing that is rarely addressed is our ability to alter our designs to make them more accessible for the disabled and the elderly.

The most common improvement we offer is to make the home more accessible for wheelchairs, but we are more than willing to cater our homes for anyone who requires special accessibility additions.

We offer to widen any hallways as well as doorways throughout the house, and we also look to see if there are any other restrictive spaces in the floorplan that could be expanded upon. For example, around Linen Closets, The Kitchen’s Island Bench and Bedroom Wardrobes.

Another change we offer to the Kitchen, is to lower the Bench heights to make them more friendly to wheelchair occupants. We also lower the Bathroom & Ensuite Vanities, for the same reason, as well as reposition the Vanity Cupboards / Drawers for better accessibility.

A further change we make to Bathrooms and Ensuite, is adding Grab Bars to both Showers and Baths, as well as ensuring that the Shower Door is wide enough for a Wheelchair to fit through and we also offer to change the Showerhead to be a handheld variant.

There is always the most obvious answer for making a home more accessible, which is by adding ramps and slopes around any stairs or raised areas in and around the house.

We believe that it is essential to create a safer environment where the occupants of our homes can perform everyday tasks independently, regardless of physical ability. When building homes for the elderly, the most important step is to look at accessibility issues, whether there is sufficient space to access the different areas, turning areas as well as removing all obstacles.

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